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All These Things Cost Less in January Than Any Other Time of Year

According to the website PureWow.com, a site dedicated to lifestyle trends and fashion, all these things cost less in January. Check it out …

Fitness Equipment: Yep, January is the month that everyone decides to get in shape…so whether it’s equipment or gym memberships, exercise-related stuff is on sale this month.

Rugs, carpet: Typically, people tend to spruce up their homes before the holidays, when they know they will have people visiting. That means that afterwards, carpet places really need your business. That, plus excess inventory equals savings.

Bikes: It’s cold out – and people aren’t thinking about riding a bike. That means bike stores really want your business. Plus, new models usually come out in February. So January is buy a bike month!

Couches: You can get sofa markdowns of up 40 to 60 percent in January. Again, it’s because new models come out in February, so furniture stores want to clear out inventory.

Jewelry: The holidays are over…and that means stores want you buying jewelry with pre-Valentine’s Day sales.

Calendars: As soon as January 1st hits, calendar prices are slashed…by as much as 75%.

Winter coats: Yep, we’re in the middle of winter, but retailers are already thinking about Spring. So it’s the perfect time to get a deal on that winter coat.

All things Christmas: From cards to decorations, most Christmas stuff is half, if not more, off.


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